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Blessed Dominic School Staff

STAFFING 2018/19


Chair of Governors                                                           Mr Stephen Frayne    


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher     Mrs G Pears
Deputy Head        Miss D Sulis
Assistant Headteacher Miss L Keegan
Inclusion/TA Leader Mrs Robertson
EYFS Leader   Miss L Mullan


Middle Leadership Team


KS1 Leader Miss L Jennings
Lower KS2 Phase Leader Mr B Hantonne
Upper KS2 Phase Leader Miss E Moynihan





Miss F Padden/Mrs C Fitzgerald,  Ms G Keaney, Mrs E Stagg, Miss A Sawock

Reception - Bluebells

Miss A Perez, Ms M Marriner

Reception - Daisies

Miss L Mullan, Miss A Jardin, Mrs E Stagg


KS1 Teachers and Support Staff

Class 1B

Miss A Healy, Mrs S Nyako, Mr S Mc Guire

Class 1D

Miss E Mc Erlean, Mrs K Stanley

Class 2B

Miss L Keegan, Mrs A Sambou

Class 2D

Miss L Jennings, Miss B Cattini


KS2 Teachers and Support Staff

Class 3B

Mr B Hantonne, Mrs R Cutocheras

Class 3D

Miss S Kelly, Mrs A Sullion

Class 4B

Mr M Kirby,  Mrs R Panjena, Mrs M Creagh Mrs A Sambou

Class 4D

Miss M Smart,   Mirs V Barauskaite-Popova, Mrs M Maloh

Class 5B Miss E Moynihan, Mrs E Fania, Mr S Mc Guire
Class 5D Ms M Afshar, Miss H Nyaley
Class 6B Mr P Noone, Mrs C Frangimore
Class 6D Mr V Vekaria, Mrs C Frangimore


Teaching Support and Intervention Staff

Year 6 Support Teacher , NQT Support

Miss D Sulis

Year 6 Support Teacher , PPA Cover, 2:1 Tuition

Mrs C McClenaghan

KS2 Support Teacher, PPA Cover

Mrs J Turner

Speech and Language/Dyslexia Support Teacher

Ms D Leahy

Spanish Teacher Ms M Heres-Tello
Music Teacher Ms R Velkova
PE / Games Teachers Non- Stop Action



School Business Manager Ms M Norgate
Administrator/Attendance       Mrs C Burns
Admin Assistant  Mrs F Alberts
Receptionist Miss V Cesnuleviciene
Admissions/PP/Data/Website Mrs B Donno



Senior Mealtime Supervisor   Mrs A Scullion



Site Manager Mr R Alvarado