Collective Worship at Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary School provides opportunities for all staff and children to come together to worship God. Whilst respecting diversity of belief and commitment, it will be Catholic in character, reflecting the liturgical tradition of the Church and having Christ at its centre. It will take into account the religious and educational needs of all who share in it.






Year 3B Celebrating Respect during their Collective Worship








Year 5 Bubbles have been celebrating ‘love’ during their Collective Worship








Today the Reception Bubbles have been celebrating the Feast of St Peter and Paul with a collective worship. As a mission the children decided they will try to be more loving, more forgiving and more generous to others. They will try to bring hope to others, and try to open their hearts to welcome Jesus in.


Year 1


Year 2

Year 4

Year 6


Year 3

Year 5