It is extremely important that we keep our children safe and secure at all times. In order to do this we have a variety of systems in place in which we ask parents to support and fully adhere to at all times.

All schools have a duty to protect children from the risk of radicalisation by promoting fundamental British Values and by enabling children to challenge extremist views in a safe and secure environment.

As a school community we are mindful of our responsibility to promote and actively seek the inclusion of all members of society.

All staff at Blessed Dominic have completed the Prevent Training which aims to ensure that early warning signs are picked up and acted upon.

Please follow these links to review the guidance.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

The Prevent Duty 

Online Safety

At Blessed Dominic we realise how the internet has drastically changed the way children interact with the world. They have access to in-depth knowledge, tools to express their creativity and people from all over the world. We promote this tool and provide stimulating activities for children to develop their skills in this area of the curriculum. However, along with this fascinating new way to connect with the world, the internet offers new risks.

It is important to ensure that all children are aware of these risks and learn to use the internet safely and responsibly.

As a school we:

For further information on how you can help your children stay safe online, please visit our E-Safety page.