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Ammar Naqvi


I am a local councillor here in Barnet, representing Burnt Oak ward, and a Governor at two local primary schools: Blessed Dominic, since 2012, and Barnfield, since 2014. I have degrees in Philosophy, Political Theory and Jurisprudence, am a published author and work professionally as a University lecturer. I have always firmly believed that the provision of good quality education is the surest mechanism by which to ensure social mobility and achieve social equality. Education directly impacts not only one’s prospects in life but also the manner in which one perceives the world and one’s own place in it. For this reason I believe is it as important for children to do well in school as it is for them to want to do well in school; for the educational experience to be as enjoyable for children as it is enhancing. The bulk of the burden for enshrining within children this love of learning falls upon the shoulders of primary school teachers, who are more than willing and abundantly able to meet this challenge. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to observe as the teachers and staff at Blessed Dominic have taken on this humbling responsibility with unfailing devotion to the cause and to their work.