Covid-19 Resources 

How can you start a conversation with your child?

Self-isolation conversation starters

Hand Washing Resources

Washing Hand Tips

Washing Hands Reward Chart Boys

Washing Hands Reward Chart Girls

Increasing Resilience in Children During Covid-19

This resource is designed on the theme that children are joining a super hero team with characters who will help them. The characters are all based on techniques to help build resilience in children such as mindfulness and positive thinking. Children are set small challenges which they can tick off. Access the PowerPoint and story HERE

E Books

This poem ‘What’s Going On?’ gives children lots of information and reassurance and is beautifully illustrated. It is presented as a book with turning pages.

Another book is ‘Dave The Dog Is Worried About Coronavirus’ 

Coronavirus Information For Children

This is a lovely, child friendly explanation of the coronavirus and some of the measures that are currently being undertaken in the UK. Hopefully this will help you to answer some of the questions your children are asking. The blue links will take you to the relevant page on the ELSA Support website where they are available to down load for free.

Access Elsa Support Story Here

There are also similar resources to explain social contact and to talk about staying at home.

Access Elsa Support Story Social Contact HERE

Access Elsa Support Stay Home Story HERE

Elsa Support 14 Day Home Challenge

Lots of people have been asking for activities to do if school is closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our friends at ELSA support have put together this list of activities to help with your child’s emotional wellbeing. There are 14 days worth but many can be used over several days if necessary. Please find this resource HERE