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At Blessed Dominic Primary School we are following the new National Curriculum for English (link below)

We promote reading for all children to have the opportunty to
  • Read fiction and non fiction,
  • Enjoy guided reading with the class teacher,
  • Use the school library 
  • Read quitely in the class reading area.

We are following the Power of Reading scheme which puts  quality childrens's literature at the heart of all teaching. Experiencing such text improves childrens' attitude to reading helping them to develop into creative writers.  As part of this project we have created warm, cosy reading areas in all classrooms.
The project has strong links to Art, DT and Drama too.

We also follow the Oxford Reading Scheme throughout the school. (click on link below for more information) Pupils change their books weekly.

We follow the National Curriculum for English - Grammar for writing

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