School Management Policies

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Attendance Policy (Review Sept 2019)

Charging & Remissions Policy (Review May 2020)

Complaints Policy (Review  Nov 2019)

Health & Safety Policy (Review Sept 2019)

Sex & Relationships Policy (Review Sept 2020)

Teaching and Learning Policies

Assessment Policy ( Review Nov 2019)

Understanding Assessment

Educational Visits Policy (Review Sept 2020)

Computing Policy (Review Sept 2020)

PSHE Policy (Review Oct 2019)

PE Policy (Review Oct 2019)

Religious Education

Collective Worship Policy (Review Sept 2020)

RE Policy (Review Sept 2020)

Inclusion Policies

Anti Bullying Policy (Review June 2021)

EAL Policy (Review Sept 2020)

Single Equality Policy (Review Nov 2019)

Legislation and Guidance: Equality 

Special Education Needs and Disability Policy (Review Dec 2019)

SEN Information Report

Inclusion Statement

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies

Mobile Phone Policy (Review Sept 2020)

Behaviour Policy (Review Oct 2020)

Online Safety Policy (Review May  2020)

First Aid and Medical Policy (Review June 2020)

Child Protection and Safeguarding policy ( review Sept 2020)

Foundation & KS1 Acceptable Use Policy (Review July 2019)

KS2 Acceptable Use Policy (Review July 2019)

Staff Acceptable Use Policy (Review July 2019)

GDPR Policies

GDPR Policy (Review May 2020)

E-Security Policy (Review May 2020)

Records Management Policy (Review May 2020)