School Lunch

We emphaise to our children the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. On Fridays we serve fish and vegetables in accordance with our Faith.

Our healthy and nutritious lunches are provided by ISS Facility Services. Meals are cooked using fresh ingredients on our school site by our experienced Catering Team. There is always a choice of main course (including vegetarian), vegetables, salads and a dessert.

Blessed Dominic Primary School Menu

The catering company have created a YouTube video to show safety steps they have made within their kitchens please see link below

Please let us know if your child has a special diet for medical reasons or any allergies. Please see our menu/payment option on our letter page.
The cost is £2.34 a day 

Reception and KS1 are eligible for free school meals.
For KS2 pupils who are eligible to receive free school meals please contact the office or download a form from our letter page.

Advice for packed lunch