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PSHE is taught weekly using the Barnet emotional wellbeing framework. This is based on the PSHE Association’s PSHE Education Programme of Study with emotional health and wellbeing woven within it. Children have the opportunity to participate in discussion, reflecting and circle time as a vehicle to explore relevant themes including relationships (social and emotional), Health and well-being, Economic wellbeing & being a responsible citizen. We use Journey in Love to support our teaching of Sex and relationship Education (SRE) with a Catholic perspective.

Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)

P4C enables our children to reason more effectively and to discuss issues pertaining to life and the world in which we live.

This is the format of typical P4C session:

Present the stimulus – story, picture, music, object etc

Discuss stimulus – Children to feedback their ideas – written up on the board

Children to come up with questions in small groups

Vote to decide on a question or line of enquiry

Dialogue – seeking to answer the question

Closure and evaluation