Welcome to 3B

Class Teacher: Mrs Lynch

Support Staff: Mrs Nyaley and Mrs Alencar

School Twitter: @BlessedDomSch

Week beginning 1st March 2021

We are now entering our last week of home learning, well done to all  those who are completing all of their work. It is so important to do this and to attend your google meetings.  Please let me know if something isn’t working and equally important let  know what goes really well. If you are still having problems uploading pictures or writing on documents the work must be done. You can email me your work if you need to. My email is hlynch8.302@lgflmail.org.

I am so impressed and proud of how well you are adapting to this way of learning. Here some example of your fantastic work.

Online learning will be set on google classroom everyday. I will have all lessons uploaded by 9am every morning.

There will be at least three lessons to complete everyday, video instructions, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets will be available for each lesson.

Each child will have virtual face to face time with me in a group video call using google meet. I have sent invitations to each child and put a list up for the week. The meeting will be at 2pm everyday so please check which day your child has been allocated to. (You must attend your meetings, these are not optional.)

On Friday’s we will have a class assembly at 9am.

I would like Maths and English to be completed and submitted by 13:15 and the afternoon’s lesson to be completed and submitted by 4:00. If you could try and stick to these times as much as possible it will help your children stay in a good routine and it will give me time to get the work marked promptly and returned.



Maths, English and R.E


Maths, English and Science


Maths, English, Creative Learning and Wednesday Word


Maths, English, P.E and R.E


Spellings/Times tables, Maths, English and music.


There are changes to school times. Year 3 drop off is 8:50 and collection is 3:10 (use the stairs entrance)

There is a queueing system in place to help with congestion and allow for social distancing, at collection when you reach the top of the queue your child will be called to join you.

P.E kits will sent home after P.E on Thursday to be washed every week and needs to be back in school by their P.E lesson the following week.

Meet the Teacher

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to formally meet many of you. Please watch the video below to see what your child will be doing this half term. I look forward to meeting you all.



I set homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Homework needs to be handed in the following day. Please sign your child’s diary every night there is homework.

All children need to read every night, please sign their reading record to show this has been done.

Class Selfies

In class when someone has completed a piece of work they are extremely proud of they can request a selfie.

Here are this week’s selfies.

Thursday 22nd October 2020

After half term will be learning about the stone age.

Stone Age Project.

Create a double page poster in your topic book on the different times of the stone age.

This will be due in the first day back after half term.

Here are some examples for you.

See the source imageSee the source image

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Learn the Glory be prayer.

Copy it out into your book and decorate.

Wednesday Word link below, read and discuss.


Link to making a mask portrait below as requested by children.


Tuesday 20th October 2020

Maths- complete sheet in your homework book and activities set on mathletics.

Monday 19th October 2020


Your spellings are in your homework book and on readiwriter.

Practice your spellings on readiwriter.

Wednesday 14th October 2020

Wednesday Word Homework

Complete activity in your book.

Link to Wednesday Word below.


Tuesday 13th October 2020

Complete Maths worksheet in your book and complete mathletics activities set.

Monday 12th October 2020

Challenge 1               Challenge 2           Challenge 3
Age                             huge                       orange
Rage                          charge                    challenge
Page                        strange                     package
Pages                     village                        damage
Wage                     garage                       cottage
Wages                    change                      marriage
Cage                     fringe                         language
Cages                    orange                       luggage
Stage                  stage                             backstage
Stages                outrage                       advantage
Straight               straight                   straight
Weight               weight                    weight

Thursday 8th October 2020

Washing hands worksheet.


Wednesday 7th October 2020

Learn sign language to Hail Mary. Video attached.


This week’s Wednesday Word, please read and discuss.


Tuesday 6th October 2020

Maths sheet in book and there are activities set on mathletics.

Monday 5th October 2020


Challenge 1          Challenge 2              Challenge 3
Bow                       know                          known
Low                       grow                        yellow
Tow                        below                      borrow
Snow                     elbow                      window
Blow                      throw                     throwing
Boat                      boast                         boasted
Coat                     coach                       coaches
Goat                 float                            floated
Goal                 roads                         loaded
Moan               toast                          moaned
Learn             learn                             learn
Quarter               quarter                   quarter
Sentence               sentence               sentence.


Thursday 1st October 2020

Complete worksheet on the human skeleton.

Wednesday 30th September 2020

R.E Homework

We are not receiving the paper copy of the Wednesday Word at the moment so you will need to access this online. Please see link below.

Please complete the work stuck into your book.

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Maths Homework

Complete sheet in your maths homework book.

Spellings Homework

Monday 28th September 2020

Challenge 1            Challenge 2                   Challenge 3
Hop                        fitted                                     rotted
Hopped                  hopped                           knotted
Clap                         trapped                         knitted
Clapped                   clapped                       admitted
Drop                         shopped                       committed
Dropped                  dropped                       trapped
Plan                         stepped                          snapped
Planned                    planned                           kidnapped
Slip                            chopped                       wrapped
Slipped                     slipped                      worshipped
Fruit                         fruit                             fruit
Group                       group                         group
Heart                       heart                               heart

Spellings Homework

Tuesday 21st September 2020

Challenge 1   Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Trying            make            write
Crying           making          writing
Flying            take                decide
Drying            taking          deciding
Doing            come               ignore
Going            coming          ignoring
Seeing           drive              amaze
Saying         driving            amazing
Playing          smile               raise
Meeting         smiling         raising
Veins             veins          veins
Characters   characters characters
Myth             myth             myth

Maths Homework

22nd September 2020

Mathletics and TTR, logins are in your diary.

Wednesday Homework

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

We are not receiving the paper copy of the Wednesday Word at the moment so you will need to access this online. Please see link below.


The homework sheet has been stuck into your child’s R.E homework book.

Thursday 24th September 2020

Create a country factfile for a country affected by Covid-19