Welcome to 3D!

Teacher: Miss McSorley

Support Staff: Ms. Cutocheras

Welcome Back!

We are delighted to have you back to school. We are trying to make school as normal as possible for you, however you will notice a few changes. You will need to bring a water bottle everyday as you cannot use the water fountain in school. There are changes to school times. Year 3 drop off is 8:50 and collection is 3:10 (use the stairs entrance). There is a queueing system in place to help with congestion and allow for social distancing, at collection when you reach the top of the queue your child will be called to join you.

Meet the Teacher
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to formally meet many of you. Please watch the video below to see what your child will be doing this half term. I look forward to meeting you all.

I set homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Homework needs to be handed in the following day. Please sign your child’s diary every night there is homework.
All children need to read every night, please sign their reading record to show this has been done.

Home Learning:

Below are some resources to support learning from home.

In maths, we are studying addition and subtraction. At the start of the term we were looking at ‘place value’, so it would be useful if you could visit the websites below to look at any missed learning. I will provide you with the White Rose Maths link which will direct you to the videos that follow our learning in class. You should watch these at home and try to answer the questions. In English, we are currently looking at the book ‘Eric’ and the short story of ‘The Dragon Slayer’ from Literacy Shed. I will post the links below so you can keep up to date with the class curriculum. As well as this, we are looking at punctuation and grammar in sentences, so I will post you with a link to BBC Bitesize so you can practice your written English.

White Rose Maths – Click here
Mathletics – Click here

Timetable Rockstars- Click here

Eric by Shaun Tan- Click here
The Dragon Slayer- Click here
Hamilton Trust – Click here
Readiwiter – Click here
Reading Eggs – Click here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Oxford Owl-Click here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BBC Bitesize- Click here

During half term

Hi year 3,

As discussed in class, I want you to complete a project in your topic homework books based on the timeline of the stone age. You will need to use the internet to research this.

Here are 2 fantastic examples:


I cannot wait to see your fantastic work.

Have an enjoyable half-term, and stay safe. See you all on Tuesday 3rd November.

Miss McSorley 🙂

Homework beginning the week of 19th October

Thursday 22nd October

Complete project on the stone age.

Wednesday 21st October

Read the Wednesday Word and learn the Glory Be to the Father prayer.

Write this prayer in your book and decorate it.

Click here to access the Wednesday Word.


Bring PE gear in for tomorrow.

Tuesday 20th October

Complete maths questions online- use this link.

Complete activities on Mathletics.

Click here to access Mathletics.


Monday 19th October

Complete 10 sentences on spellings and learn spellings for test on Friday.

Complete SPAG activity- Click here to sign on

The log-ins have been put inside the homework diaries.

Challenge 1                 Challenge 2                    Challenge 3
Hall                                  about                         manageable
Fall                                 human                    rechargeable
Talk                                  above                      unchangeable
Called                              across                     noticeable
Stall                                  adult                          traceable
Walk                                 alike                         exchangeable
Also                                  woman                     danceable
Install                           distant                       sliceable
Taller                               island                    enforceable
Smaller                           instant                    replaceable


Please find below some practical tips for learning spellings in year 3.

Homework beginning the week of 12th October

Thursday 15th October

Complete fact-file on Faith Ringgold (Year 3’s artist for Black History Month).

Wednesday 14th October

Complete Wednesday Word activity that is in RE homework books. Below is a link for today’s Wednesday Word


Tuesday 13th October

Maths homework sheet has been stuck into the maths homework books.

Activities have been set on TTRS for pupils to complete also.

Please remember that Friday is non-uniform day, and children should bring in a non-perishable food item- e.g. tins, biscuits, cereal, pasta, etc.

Monday 12th October

Challenge 1          Challenge 2                 Challenge 3
Age                                huge                       orange
Rage                              charge                challenge
Page                             strange                 package
Pages                         village                    damage
Wage                         garage                    cottage
Wages                      change                    marriage
Cage                         fringe                  language
Cages                     orange                 luggage
Stage                      stage               backstage
Stages                   outrage             advantage
Straight                  straight            straight
Weight                   weight                  weight



3D worked hard today to learn all about the Holy Rosary. We learnt that October is the month of the rosary and finished our fun lesson by creating our own Holy Rosary beads.

Attached is a picture of our prayer space in the classroom, with our Rosary beads on proud display. A big well done to the boys and girls!


Monday 5th October 2020
Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Bow know known
Low grow yellow
Tow below borrow
Snow elbow window
Blow throw throwing
Boat boast boasted
Coat coach coaches
Goat float floated
Goal roads loaded
Moan toast moaned
Learn learn learn

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Complete maths sheet attached in homework book.

Wednesday 7th October

Complete Wednesday Word activity.

Here’s the link


Thursday 8th October

Complete topic homework on the importance of washing hands.

Friday 9th October

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday 28th September 2020

Spellings Homework

Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3

Hop         fitted         rotted
Hopped         hopped         knotted
Clap         trapped         knitted
Clapped         clapped         admitted
Drop         shopped         committed
Dropped         dropped         trapped
Plan           stepped          snapped
Planned           planned             kidnapped
Slip              chopped            wrapped
Slipped           slipped           worshipped
Fruit               fruit                  fruit
Group               group               group
Heart              heart                heart

Tuesday 29th September 2020
Maths Homework
Complete sheet in your maths homework book.


Wednesday 30th September

Complete Wednesday Word activity in RE books.

Here is the link for today’s Wednesday Word.


Monday 21st September 2020

LO: Learn how spellings of verbs change when ing is added.

Challenge 1      Challenge 2      Challenge 3
Trying                 make                    write
Crying                making                writing
Flying                   take                   decide
Drying                  taking               deciding
Doing                    come              ignore
Going                  coming              ignoring
Seeing                  drive                 amaze
Saying                 driving            amazing
Playing               smile                 raise
Meeting               smiling              raising
Veins                    veins                   veins
Characters         characters        characters
Myth                    myth                   myth

Tuesday 22nd September 2020
Maths Homework

Maths homework for tonight has been set on Mathletics.

To access this, pupils will login using the code that is stuck into their homework diaries.

Wednesday 23rd September

We are not receiving the paper copy of the Wednesday Word at the moment so you will need to access this online. Please see link below.
The homework sheet has been stuck into your child’s R.E homework book.

Thursday 24th September

Tonights homework is based on how Coronavirus impacted different countries. I would like the children to research a country of their choice and complete the worksheet that has been stuck into their creative learning homework books.



Monday 14th September 2020

Spellings Homework

LO: To spell words containing each of the long vowel phoneme- igh

Chn 1       Chn 2      Chn 3
Sigh         sigh           night
Sight        sight        knight
High        slightly        midnight
Light        might        light
Night        mighty        daylight
Might        mightily        twilight
Right        light        lightning
Tight        lightly        delight
Fight        lightning        delightful
Fright        slight        outright
Grass        grass        grass
Young        young        young
double        double        double

Tuesday 15th September 2020
Maths Homework
Maths sheet which has been stuck into your homework book

Wednesday 16th September

Religion Homework

We are not receiving the paper copy of the Wednesday Word at the moment so you will need to access this online. Please see link below.
The homework sheet has been stuck into your child’s R.E homework book.dnesday 16th September 2020


Monday 7th September 2020

Spellings Homework

LO: Spell words containing each of the long vowel phonemes- ee, ea.

Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Bee               beef              bleed
See               deep              greedy
Meet            feed               queen
Week          three             wheels
Need          speed              freeze
Sea             each                teacher
Tea            mean                reason
Pea           dream               please
Eat          beach                   scream
Leaf         easy                   increase
Busy        busy                 busy
Wrist      wrist                 wrist
Parents     parents             parents


Tuesday 8th September 2020

Maths Homework

Maths sheet which has been stuck into your homework book

Wednesday 9th September 2020

We are not receiving the paper copy of the Wednesday Word at the moment so you will need to access this online. Please see link below.
The homework sheet has been stuck into your child’s R.E homework book.