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Teacher: Miss McSorley

Support Staff: Miss Concas

Year 3 School Trip

✈️ Our Year 3’s took off for a trip to the RAF Museum yesterday ✈️

In this video documenting the day, it is plane to see how much everyone enjoyed the experience.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

National Smile Power Day 2021


We led the KS2 assembly today on National Smile Power Day. This assembly was all about the power of a smile, and how it can help improve ones life. Find below the short presentation we made and a few photos from our assembly.

Our Assembly Presentation


To all NHS and Key Workers, all of us in year 3 think you are the real superheroes.



Year 3 are completing fantastic work on Google Classroom at the minute! Have a look at some examples of work below this post.

Just a reminder that I will be providing 3-4 lessons a day on Google Classroom, as well as additional activities such as ‘handwriting activities’ or ‘time tables practice’. All children are expected to complete all the lessons, every day.

For more information on day-to-day learning use our Bitmoji classroom which is uploaded daily to the stream. This will show you what exactly needs to be completed every day as well as providing links to other useful websites such as TTRS, Readiwriter, Mathletics, Reading Eggs etc.

Stay safe and hope to see you all in person again soon.

Here are some examples of 3D’s remote learning:

 Writing Newspaper Articles based on finding The Iron Man’s arm on the school grounds. 

Click here for Sarah’s Report

Click here for Jaiden’s Report

Click here for Kaifala’s Report 

Click here for Ola’s Report

Making finger puppets and posters to recognise and learn the 10 plagues.

Click here for Rhafael’s video

Click here for a photo of Myintmo’s finger puppets

Click here for Jonathan’s Egyptian wheel

Click here for Sofia’s 10 Plagues poster

Click here for Jaiden’s video explaining the 10 plagues

Making posters helping us to remember magnets and magnetic forces

Click here to see Etgen’s poster

Click here to see Ravin’s poster

Click here to see Gabby’s poster

Click here to see Jules’ poster


Home Learning:

Below are some resources to support learning from home.




Please find below some practical tips for learning spellings in year 3.


3D worked hard today to learn all about the Holy Rosary. We learnt that October is the month of the rosary and finished our fun lesson by creating our own Holy Rosary beads.

Attached is a picture of our prayer space in the classroom, with our Rosary beads on proud display. A big well done to the boys and girls!