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Class Teacher: Ms. Afshar

Support Staff: Mrs. Scullion, Mrs. Nyaley, Mrs. Alencar

Online learning queries please email: 4d@blesseddominic.barnet.sch.uk

Welcome to our class page! Here is where you will find all the latest news about 4D and what we have been learning. You can find your weekly spellings, homework and important dates. Keep checking back to find out more!

Students should be practising their times tables every evening. They will find their log ins in their diaries. As well as times tables, the students should read for at least ten (10) minutes every night (don’t forget to sign their reading records) and practising their spellings. We have our spelling test every Friday.

TTRS Tournament: Blessed Dominic vs Our Lady of Lourdes 

This week we will be competing in a TTRS battle against Our Lady of Lourdes. It’s time to show off your times tables skills and earn points for Blessed Dominic by playing any game daily between 9am-3pm.

NHS Competition

You can read all the competition details on the website. Your entry can be in the form of a poster, creative writing, performance video or even a slide show (PowerPoint). The deadline for the competition is the Friday 19th June. Before you begin, make sure you read the judging criteria carefully. There are many fantastic prizes to be won! 🙂

You can begin working on your entry this afternoon.

Best of luck everyone.

Please send your entries to :


In the email please include your full name, your class and your teacher’s name.


Home Learning

Dear children, we are extremely proud of our school community and hope you are all engaging positively with your home learning. Please do not worry about work that is incomplete as all we want you to do is try your best. Remember our school Learning Behaviours! Please look out for explanation of concepts to help with your learning. We miss you all terribly but looking forward to seeing you back in the classroom soon.

Remember: Please present your work to the same standards as you would in school. Hope you are all well and are finding ways to stay busy!

NEW RE BOOKLET: Use this when told- RE Easter to Pentecost

Friday 22nd May 2020

English- L.O: To review and edit my writing.

Carefully read over your writing from yesterday. I want you to imagine we are in class and have our editing stations set up.

Take 5-10 mins to go over the following areas of your writing.

1- Punctuation: Make sure commas and full stops are in the correct places. Make sure you’ve use ! and ?. Try to add …. and (   )

2- Vocabulary:  Use a thesaurus or google to find synonyms for different vocabulary. Make improvements to your language!

3- Spellings & gramar: Check basic spellings and make sure all capital letters are used correctly.

Daily Book Club

Please complete the comprehension lesson found HERE

Try to complete all activities 🙂

Maths- Fun Friday Maths

Escape the room by using your astute maths skills. Escape the room HERE.

If you need a refesh, use the videos from the White Rose website to help you.

When you are finished double check that you have completed and marked your work in your Power Maths (apges 4-39) and CGP workbooks.

RE- L.O: To compose a fact file on the life of Pope Francis.

Look back over the notes you made from the Pope Francis research on Monday.

Create your own fact file to inform the reader all about Pope Francis.

You can use your notes and further research to help you.

Please add decoration and illustrations to support your writing

Thursday 21st May 2020


English- L.O: To compose my own persuasive argument.

Using your plan from yesterday you need to put it all together for your long piece of writing.

Follow the following structure to help…

P1- Introduction – What is your argument about?

P2- First reason in favour (Most important) Use a question with this paragraph!

P3- Second and third reasons to support your argument.

P4- Conclusion- Use another question!

Take a look at my shortened argument below (I have only done this as an example, yours can be more detailed!), try to use similar openers and persuasive vocab from your plan. Text in bold are persuasive techniques that you can magpie!

School Uniform: Yes or No?

The following text is going to discuss the topic of school uniform and my view in favour of keeping uniforms in school. I will explain the reasons I believe are vital in keeping uniform in schools, and I hope that by the end of this discussion you will agree with me that uniforms are an important part of school life.

First of all, I strongly believe that by wearing a school uniform it means that all children are in the same position. Remember some families will not be able to afford the latest clothing, or they may not be able to ensure their children have different clothes to wear everyday of the school week. How would you feel if you felt left out because of the clothes you wear? 

My next important reason in favour of school uniform is that schools with uniform have the opportunity to offer their children ‘Mufti Days’. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to help raise money for a chosen charity and is an event for them to get excited about. What do you think the impact on local charities would be if schools could not raise money through Mufti Days? Furthermore, it becomes a special occasion for children and they do not have to worry about having the latest fashion.

To conclude, I truly believe that it is incredibly important for schools to continue to use school uniform. This is due to the fact that children are more of a school community with uniform and nobody can be singled out, as well as that it allows schools a good opportunity to raise money for charity on special non-uniform days. What are your thoughts on school uniform?

Maths- LO: To recognise thenths and hundredths

Lesson: White Rose- Watch lesson 1 video from week 5

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

Classroom Secrets: Maths Game

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity
Be sure to check the additional pages in your Power Maths and CGP books on the first page of the PDF.

Answers: Activity Answers

Science- LO: To investigae ways to absorb sound

Watch the powerpoint and take notes as needed.

Your Task

Wednesday 20th May 2020


Maths- To find the area of a shape

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 4 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers

English- L.O: To plan a persuasive argument.

Choose one of the following titles or you can choose one of your own from yesterday’s lesson.


School Uniform

TV/ Gaming Hours

Healthy Eating

Once you have chosen your title you need to decide what your point of view is. For example are you in favour of children using TV/ Games as much as they like, or do you think there should be some restrictions? Make sure you think sensibly about your decisions!

Then you need to create your own bullet points of points to support your argument.

For example-

I think TV and gaming hours should be limited for children, so they have more chance to complete school work and learn other skills.


Too much TV and gaming is bad for your eyesight and could cause damage in younger people.

You need to think of at least 3 reasons in favour of your argument, however you can of course think of more!

Then order your reasons in importance. The reason you believe is the most important will be in your first paragraph etc.

Next look at the persuasive vocabulary found HERE

You need to make a list of the vocab you will use in your writing. Think about what openers you can use!

You should have a wordbank that can be used for your long writing tomorrow.

Finally, you need to write your own rhetorical questions to ask in your longer writing to make the reader think in your favour. For example ‘How would you feel if your eyesight was damaged from over using TV and gaming?’ ‘Do you think it is an effective use of time to sit in front of the television all day? What about keeping fit and healthy?’

Remember this is a plan! Your plan should include….

Title, reasons for your argument (At least 3), Key vocabulary, Questions to get the reader to think in your favour.

Remember to email if you have any problems 🙂

RE- Wednesday Word

Find the Wednesday Word HERE

In your books please answer the following questions in full detail.

  1. What is this weeks Wednesday Word?
  2. Read the Sunday Gospel, what words stood out for you and why?
  3. Who do you think was friends with Jesus? How did they help him?
  4. Who are your friends? What do they do that is special to you?
  5. What do you think makes you a good friend?

EXT- Can you write your own acrostic prayer for FRIENDSHIP?

Art and Design

Watch the videos and give one of the techniques a try. Create an art piece of a place you ave never been.

Tuesday 19th May 2020

English- L.O: To recognise the differences between formal and informal language.

When writing persuasively it is very important to understand your audience. You will use a different tone of language if you are trying to persuade somebody you don’t know or a position of power. If you are trying to persuade a friend you language will be very different.

Formal= People you don’t know or this in senior positions to you.

Informal= Friends and family

For this lesson you need to watch the video clips and read through the page found HERE

Try to complete ALL activities if you can. Please do these in your books and practice your presentation.

EXT- Think about some potential topics you can discuss later in the week for your persuasive text. If you are unsure whether your persuasive topics are suitable, email me and I can give you more ideas!

E.G- Break and lunch should be longer in school.

School uniform should be banned

Children should only watch TV for a couple of hours at the weekend.

Maths- LO: To find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 3 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Answers

Topic- L.O: To design my own Ancient Egyptian Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Cartouche’s were a way of showing name tags, especially for those of great stature.

Look at the link HERE and look at how you can create your own Cartouche. Design and sketch this in your book! You can create multiple designs.

You can find a hieroglyphic alphabet HERE to help




Monday 18th May 2020

Maths- LO: To find the perimeter of rectangles

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 2 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers PDF

Extra Pratise: Power Maths page 24 (If you have already collected your new work packs)

English- L.O: To retrieve facts from a persuasion text.

This week we will be looking at persuasive writing and eventually write our own.

For this lesson you need to work through the activities found HERE.

Please make sure to read each page carefully. Make notes from the videos if needed. Make sure that you complete both quizzes, first the starter and then the exit quiz.

If you complete this, you can access a more detailed comprehension HERE 

RE- L.O: To investigate the life of Pope Francis.

Use the following resources to make notes about the life of Pope Francis. You are only making notes today, as we will use them to produce a piece of writing later in the week.

PowerPoint HERE

Pope Francis Coat of Arms HERE

Pope Francis General Facts HERE

Of course you can use the internet for further research.

You can choose how to show your notes, you might want to bullet point them under different headings. Or you could create a mind map bubble in the middle of your page with different arrows coming off Pope Francis. Or you could split your page into 4 sections and organise your notes that way 🙂


Friday 15th May 2020

(The escape room error has been fixed)


English- Book Club L.O: To investigate a text and explore an authors choice of vocabulary.

For this lesson please access the activities and video clips that can be found HERE 

Challenge yourself to complete all the activities if possible. You should also look to do the extension!

EXT- Recreate your own version of the story. Instead of ‘Charlie Changes into a Chicken’ use your name in the title and change the animal! For example: ‘Mr Hantonne Changes into a Hippo’.

You can follow the same style as the author, but think about how your vocabulary might change! Remember to illustrate afterwards.

Maths- Fun Friday Maths- Multiplication and Division Escape Room

Escape the room HERE!

PSHE- LO: To understand that having a positive attitude is good for your mental health.

Read through the powerpoint lesson. Some slides have work for you to complete in your workbook.

Thursday 14th May 2020

English- L.O: To understand how to proof read and make improvements to my writing.

For this lesson please use the web page and activities that can be found HERE 

Once you have completed the four activities, please use the skills learned to review and edit your writing from yesterday!

Maths- LO: To dapply mutliplication and division skills to problem solving.

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 1 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers PDF 

Creative Learning- L.O: To investigate how Ancient Egyptians lived their day to day lives.

Today you are going to find out about the lives of ‘Carr’ and ‘Merit’. Lots about their lives were discovered by archaeologists. You can find out all about them through this video HERE 

You should watch the video and pause to make notes. Bullet point these!

Pay careful attention from minue 3.30 as your task will involve their houses.

Draw a plan of what an ancient Egyptian’s house. Explain what may have happened in each room. Can you explain how you think it is different to a modern day house?


Can you do some research as to what ancient Egyptians might have worn? Draw your own pictures and label in your books and give a brief explanation for each one

What do you think Egyptians used instead of money? How do you think this worked?

Science- LO: To understand how humans and animals hear.

How animals hear. Video 1

How animals hear Video 2

How humans hear Video

Your task

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Maths- LO: To divide 3-digit by 1-digit number

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 4 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers PDF

English- L.O: To compose my own newspaper report.

Today you are going to write a newspaper report detailing the discovery of an Ancient Egyptian tomb! You will find a web page that you can use for inspiration HERE

Challenge 1- Please use the web page as much as possible, you will find a headline, picture, caption, quote and the text that you just need to reword.

You will then find a short video clip at the top of this page HERE 

It is a short animation and you might want to use it to give some ideas of how the archaeologist felt when first entering the tomb!

Remember this task involves you using your imagination as well. Think about

  1. Who found the tomb?
  2. Where was the tomb?
  3. What was inside?
  4. Did anything dangerous happen when exploring? Retell
  5. How do people feel about this? Happy or angry that it should be left alone?
  6. What might happen next with the discovery?

Things you will need for this report.

  1. A CATCHY HEADLINE- You could use alliteration, make sure it isn’t too long!
  2. Sub-heading- A brief sentence explaining what the article is about.
  3. Write in columns- Remember key dates, make these up if you are unsure.
  4. Space for a picture- Use from the website if you are stuck for ideas
  5. Caption beneath picture- Explain what it is
  6. Retell the events- Remember 3rd person and past tense. You are reporting!
  7. Quotes- Use inverted commas to show what others have said about the discovery. You can either make your own up or use the website.

I have included a template example of a newspaper report HERE if you are unsure how to lay your page out.

Take your time with the activity and make sure you can tick off the seven points above and you will have yourself a good newsreport!

RE- L.O: To think about and reflect upon the importance of faith.

With the recent events taking place across the world it may have seemed hard at times to stay positive and keep the faith. But think about all the good that is going on in the world and how close we have all become to one another! Today I would like to you to really take your time and write a prayer thanking those around us that have been so helpful during this pandemic. I have written a short one as an example below but yours can be longer! Please decorate once complete.

Almighty Father,

I pray that you continue to help me see the light and find positivity when things are difficult. We have been truly tested during this time but with the help and strength of others I can continue to follow your light. God, thank you for the skilled and brave NHS staff that have been protecting us on the front line. God, thank you to those with a kind-heart that are caring for those unable to care for themselves. God, thank you for instilling bravery and selflessness in everyone that continues to help one another. Please help me to help others and with your guidance I know we will remember this as a time we grew closer to loved ones and remembered to always think of others.


Wednesday Word found HERE

Please answer the questions below. Full sentences!

  1. What is this weeks Wednesday Word?
  2. Why did Jesus say he would pray to the Father?
  3. Explain who has been helping you recently, tell me how they helped you.
  4. Who have you helped recently? Why did you do this and how did it make you feel?
  5. Think about the current world Pandemic, how are people helping one another? How can you help more?

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Today is National Limerick Day

Maths- LO: To divide 2-digit by 1-digit number

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 3 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers PDF


You can find this weeks spanish work at this link. Please watch the video and practice your words from the last two weeks.

Activity PDF

Video Link

English- L.O: To read and gather information from a newspaper report. 


Today you will read a newspaper report about VE Day. It was the 75th anniversary of this on the 8th May. If you do not know what this is, you should do by the end of your lesson!

Please read the newspaper report found HERE

The newspaper report is quite long so take your time. You might want to make some notes of any information you learn from the text.

You will find the questions after the newspaper report.

Challenge 1- Complete section A and B. Write the answers in full sentences in your books. 

Challenge 2- Complete section A, B, C and D in your books. Use full sentences. 

Challenge 3- Complete section C, D and then both challenge activity sheets. You might need to use google or a dictionary to help with some parts. 

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello 4D!  I will be making phone calls this week to check in with each of your parents and you, I hope to hear that you are safe, happy and healthy. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

PE- Online Class Here

English- L.O: To recognise and use inverted commas.

Revision lesson! We have used inverted commas for speech lots! We are going to practice using these today so you an use them to gives quotes in your newspaper reports this week.

You need your SPAG CGP book.

Please complete at least pages 60 & 61 however you should be able to do page  62 and 63 as well!

Rewrite the questions in your books to practice presentation.

Maths- LO: To multiply 3-digit by 1-digit number

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 2 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers PDF

RE- L.O: To investigate scripture and think about the ascension of Jesus.

You may want to watch this clip which explains what the ascension was. Find it HERE

Read through the scripture found below. Take your time, research any vocabulary you do not understand and write down these definitions.

Acts 1:6-11

The Ascension of Jesus

So when the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him, “Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?”

He replied, “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

After saying this, he was taken up into a cloud while they were watching, and they could no longer see him. 10 As they strained to see him rising into heaven, two white-robed men suddenly stood among them. 11 “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why are you standing here staring into heaven? Jesus has been taken from you into heaven, but someday he will return from heaven in the same way you saw him go!”


Challenge 1- Use the scripture and video above. Can you answer the questions below? Use full sentences and as much details as possible.

  1. Can you explain what happened in the Ascension of Jesus?
  2. What did Jesus tell the Apostles to do before he left?
  3. How do you think the Apostles felt when watching Jesus?
  4. How do you think Jesus felt as he left? Why?

Challenge 2- Can you write your own script of Jesus’ Ascension? Think about the characters you need. You might have some of the Apostles speaking out, or use the names of some of the Disciples.  Write your own script showing the conversation that took place. Remember to show how the Apostles might be thinking, what questions would they have and how would Jesus answer?

Challenge 3- I want you to imagine that you are stood in Jesus’ position, preparing to ascend to heaven but with a last message to give the Apostles. Write your own version of the speech Jesus would have given to the Apostles. This should be in first person, as you are pretending you are Jesus for this writing. I have given some examples of what your paragraphs should include below.

P1- Thanking them for trusting you so far, what do they need to go and do now? Give examples of how you know they have trusted in you.

P2- How do you want them to live their lives? What can they do to show others?

P3- Encourage them not to be afraid now you are gone, will you still be with them? How?


Thursday 7th May 2020

Maths- LO: To multiply 2-digit by 1-digit number

Lesson 1: White Rose- Watch lesson 1 video

Classroom Secrets: Interactive learning

BBC Bitesize: Video and Interactive learning

Your Task: Activity PDF

Answers: Activity Answers PDF

Reteach and extra practise: Oxford University Press

English: LO: To identify the key features of a news report.

Please access this lesson HERE 

Complete the comprehension quiz beforehand on the web page.

Then for activity two watch the video and pause whenever you need.

In your text book make notes recording key features and use examples shown in the video.

You need to listen out for any extra tasks given to you from the video!

Once you have done this can you research some different news report lay outs?

In your text books create your own blank template. Use a ruler!

You will need:

A space for a headline

A space for subheading

Picture Space with Caption box


Topic- LO: To investigate ancient hieroglyphics.

Use the powerpoint to guide you through this lesson. You can find it HERE

In your text books explain what hieroglyphics are and where they were found. Why do you think they were used?

Can you then draw all the hieroglyphics in your book?

Next can you right your name?

Next can you create some hieroglyphic sentences?

Science- LO: To explore ways to change the pitch of sound

Please find the lesson HERE.

Your Task can be found HERE.

Videos to help you make an instrument. You can search youtube to find your own.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

You will make an instrument out of recycled materials from your home and explore how to make different pitches.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Maths- LO: To convert between analogue and 12 hr digital time.

Read through the lesson. Try to answer the questions within the lesson and submit your answers. The answer to yesterday’s riddle is on the first slide and new riddle is up. Can you guess the answer? Hint: It has something to do with year, months, weeks and days.

Classwork– Choose your challenge then mark your work to see how well you did.

English- LO: To revise my understanding of FANBOYS in my writing.

Please use the web page HERE for this lesson.

We have looked at this topic a few times before, I expect everybody to do all activities set!


Take a look at the image that you can find HERE

Create your own short story using this picture as your inspiration. You should be able to underline all the FANBOYS used. Can you also focus on using direct speech & personification?

You might recognise which story this picture is inspired by, or you may have seen the films. Don’t worry if you haven’t you can just use your own imagination! Take a look at how I started mine if you are lost for ideas.

As Professor Snape briskly made his way through the forbidden forest the enormous trees watched him like spies of the forest. It seemed like every step Snape took the whistling wind became angrier and the frost began to bite at his skin. In the distance Snape could see his target… He froze and watched, his cloak still fluttering around his ankles. All of a sudden he let out an almighty roar ‘Expecto….. Patronum!’ 

RE- Wednesday Word.

Please read the Wednesday Word found HERE

Then answer the questions below, make sure you use full sentences.


  1. What does trust mean to you?
  2.  List three people that you trust, why do you trust them?
  3. Is there anyone you don’t trust? Why? If not, when do you think you shouldn’t trust somebody?
  4. Have you shown others that they can trust you? Explain how you’ve done this.
  5.  In the gospel John 14 1-12 Jesus asks the apostles to trust him. Do they trust him and why do you think this?
  6.  Why do you think it is important that we trust God?

EXT- Can you explain where people in the Bible trusted in God? What happened to them?

PSHE- LO: To understand how to keep myself safe online.

Read through the powerpoint and complete the activities in your workbook. You can find the lesson here.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

PE- Online Class Here

Maths- LO: To solve problems converting years to months and weeks to days.

Read through the lesson. Try to answer the questions within the lesson and submit your answers. The answer to yesterday’s riddle is on the first slide and new riddle is up. Can you guess the answer? Hint: It has something to do with year, months, weeks and days.

Classwork– Choose your challenge then mark your work to see how well you did.

English- L.O: To explore the use of fronted adverbials.

This lesson can be found online, please use the web page HERE

Challenge 1- Please complete at least activity 1 and 2 in your books. (Do activity 1 on the web page first and then rewrite neatly in your books.

Challenge 2/3 – Please complete all activities given on the web page.


You can find this weeks spanish work at this link. Please watch the video and practice your words from the last two weeks.

Monday 4th May 2020- May the 4th be with you!

PE- Online Class Here

Maths- LO: To solve problems involving converting hours, minuntes and seconds.

Read through the lesson. Try to answer the questions with in the lesson and submit your answers.

Classwork– Choose your challenge then mark your work to see how well you did.

English- L.O: To show inference when reading a text.

Read the text for your challenge below, take your time and re-read if needed. Then answer the questions in your books. Make sure you use full sentences and find evidence from the text to support your answers.

Challenge 1 Text

Opening night

Tim took another deep breath. Inside his chest, he could feel his heart pounding like a bass drum. Again, he took slow, deep breaths and picked up his script. Flicking through the pages, he read through his lines quietly to himself, mumbling under his breath. All his hard work over the last few months had been for tonight. Crossing his fingers tightly, he wished for good luck.

“Tim, are you ready? You’re on in 2 minutes,” said Mr. Smith.

“I think so, Sir,” said Tim in a shaky voice.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, Tim. Break a leg!”

Slowly, Tim stood up and made his way towards the heavy, red velvet curtain. He pulled it to the side and stepped through.

Challenge 1 Questions

  1. How do you think Tim is feeling at the beginning of the text?
  2. Explain how you know how he is feeling.
  3. What do you think Tim is waiting to do?
  4. What clues told you what Tim might be doing?
  5. Who do you think Mr. Smith is?
  6. Do you think “Opening Night” is a good title? Why?
  7. If you had to give this text a different title, what would you call it?

Challenge 2/3 Text

Arthur and the Sword in the Stone

The legend of King Arthur dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. There may have once been a leader called Arthur but over thousands of years the story has been added to and we can’t be sure which parts are fact and which are fiction. Here is the story of how Arthur became king:

Sadness descended over Britain as news spread of the death of King Uther. But after the sadness, quickly came anger and arguments about who should be the next king. None of the powerful knights or nobles knew about Uther’s son, Arthur, who had been sent away to keep him safe from attacking Saxon armies.

Fights raged for many months until one freezing morning when the frost covered the trees like a crystal white blanket, a great stone appeared. It lay in front of the ancient church of St Paul and thrust deep into the stone was a glittering sword. When the knights came closer, they could read a message carved into the shining metal of the blade saying, “Whoever pulls this sword from the stone is the rightful King of England.”

Many times they tried to wrench the sword from the stone. They tugged and heaved and strained with all their might. But it was no use. The sword would not budge for any of them.

Years passed and young Arthur was dashing through the city, looking for a sword. His foster brother Kay was due to fight in a competition but had lost his sword. Suddenly, Arthur’s eyes fell upon the stone, the metal of the sword glistening in the early morning sunlight. He stepped towards the sword, fallen leaves crunching under his steady footsteps. Reaching out, he clasped the jewelled handle of the weapon and pulled. The sword slid out like a knife gliding through butter.

Challenge 2 Questions 

  1. Why didn’t people know who should be the next king?
  2. What time of year did the sword appear? Explain how you can tell?
  3. Why do you think that the sword in the stone might have appeared?
  4. The author uses lots of other words for ‘pulled’. List the ones that you can find:
  5. Was it easy or hard for Arthur to pull the sword out? Explain how you know.
  6. Why you think Arthur was able to pull the sword out when all the other men couldn’t?

Challenge 3 Questions (Please complete the above first)

7. What similes can you find in the text?

8. Look at the paragraph beginning ‘Many times……’ Can you rewrite this section yourself replacing vocab with synonyms.

9. Do you think this is what really happened or has the story been changed over time? What could be the cause of this?

RE- L.O: To think about our Mother Mary and the importance she has in our lives.

May is the month of Mary. Remember you can always talk to her through your prayers. If you have one, it’s a great time to find your rosary and remind yourself how to pray it.

Please look and read through the PowerPoint found HERE

Challenge 1: Please answer these questions based on the PowerPoint.

  1. Where could a May alter go?
  2. What can you put on your May alter for Mary?
  3. What flowers are usually associated with mary?
  4. What special prayer do you know for Mary? Can you rewrite it?

Challenge 2/3: Please provide paragraph explanations for the points below.

P1- What was so special about Mary?
P2- Why is it important to pray to Mary? How can it help us?

Ext – Rewrite Mary’s special prayer and decorate in your text book.



Daily Homework:

Spellings (every night)
Homework (Spellings, Maths, RE, Science/CL)
Reading Records- 30 minutes (please listen to them read)
Times Table Rockstar– 20 minutes (2 soundchecks then any others)

Additional Learning Resources:

Reading Eggs
Readiwriter (spellings) – this uses the same log-in details as Mathletics
Spelling Frame

For a further range of resources to support your child’s learning at home, Twinkl is offering a free month of Twinkl Ultimate. Please visit twinkle.co.uk/offer and enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS to set up your free month of Twinkl Ultimate. Twinkl has a range of additional activities for you child to complete during the school closure period, please click here for a range of Interactive Learning Links.

Classroom Secrets have also provided a range of home learning packs:

Year 4 Home Learning Pack
Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers
Year 4 Practical Ideas

Scholastic books has created a home learnign page page where your student can read interesting articles and answer questions about them. Check out the website here!


Discovery Education has fun english games to play. Find them here and here

TTS is offering free learning packs. Just download the one you need and get started.

Mo Willems, the author of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, has started lunch time doodles.

Check out books form your local library! Each student signed up for and recieved a library card for Colindale Library, you canuse the OverDrive app or the Libby app to sign in to the library and check out e-books and audiobooks for free.

Audible has announced that they have made hundreds of books free to listen to during the school shut downs. Make a tea or hot chocolate and have a listen as a family. There are some really great titles available.

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