Welcome to Class 4D!

Class Teacher: Ms. Doyle

Support Staff: Mrs. Scullion & Ms. Norgate

Well done to the children in the Year 4 Hub who are all working hard. Here are some examples of their activities.

Year 4 Hub

As you know, due to the current situation children have been completing work at home. The platform we at Blessed Dominic are using is Google Classroom. I have been so impressed with the quality of all the work submitted by 4D. Well done boys and girls- you are a credit to yourselves and your families. Across all curriculum subjects work is being submitted to a high standard. Our science topic this term is “Electricity”. The children have worked hard to make an electrical circuit at home. I hope you appreciate their fantastic work as much as I do. Click on the word document below.

Circuits 4D

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable break. As you are aware, schools remain closed until 18th January. Lessons will be provided on google classroom each day and all children are expected to complete the learning assigned. All children have their google classroom log-ins in their school diaries. Please see our timetable below.

Year 4 Timetable WB 05.01.21

I have been so impressed with all of the work you are submitting on google classroom 4D.

Last week we were learning about the skill pointillism in art. Here are some examples of the fantastic work produced by the children. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I did πŸ™‚



Welcome to our 4D Class page. πŸ™‚

A prayer for Light in the darkest times.


Friday 2oth November 2020

Good morning 4D, well done for completing a whole week of home learning. I am very proud of you all. I am looking forward to seeing you all back in the classroom on Monday. πŸ™‚


Linking to our Science topic SOUND please follow the link below and complete the activities.

Melody and Pitch

As you know we have started learning silent night in sign language. Please practise this today and this weekend. Ms Rumi will be very impressed if we all know it by our next music lesson on Friday.

Silent Night


Follow the link to practice words and sounds in spanish.



Next week we will be starting a new topic in Maths- multiplication and division. Please familiarise yourself with the concepts in these videos.




Please log on to readiwriter today as your new spellings will be uploaded. Complete all activities.

You can complete the writing activity for this week’s spellings in your book πŸ™‚

Thursday 19th November 2020

Good morning 4D.

Have a lovely morning πŸ™‚

Afternoon work

Creative Learning

LO: To understand and describe the three categories of volcanoes.

Please go through learning slides.

In your book, draw label and describe the three categories.

Learning Slides 19.11.2020


LO: To be able to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

Please go through the learning document and watch the short video before completing the task.


Learning document 19.11.2020

Task 19.11.2020


LO: To explain meaning of new vocabulary and make a prediction.

Read through the next part of the story. Complete the task.


Wednesday 18th November 2020

Good Morning 4D,

Here are your lessons for this morning. I will put our afternoon lessons up later on. Have a lovely morning. πŸ™‚


LO: To be able to solve word problems involving perimeter.

Follow the link to BBC Bitesize. Complete all activities.


Perimeter word problems 18.11.2020


LO: To be able to identify figurative language.

Read the text Ice Palace attached on the document. In your book make a list of words and phrases that you find interesting.

Ice Palace 18.11.2020

Read the sentences on the figurative language sheet attached. In your book write each sentence. After the sentence write if it has used

Metaphor, simile, personification or alliteration

Figurative language 18.11.2020

Good afternoon 4D,

Apologies to those of you who are using this platform for online learning. I completely overlooked putting up the learning this morning.


LO: To be able to write a poem using personification.

Learning video

Example poem

Maths :

LO: To find perimeter of regular and irregular polygons.

Maths 17.11.2020


LO: To explain how the ear works and how we hear sound.

Learning video

Book work

Monday 16th November 2020

Good Morning 4D,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rosalia who turned 9 on Friday. Hope you had a fabulous day Rosalia πŸ™‚

This week is anti-bullying week. There are some workshops for you to take part in online. I will share the link and login later in the morning.


LO: To be able to identify and use personification in my writing

Learning Video

Personification is when you give non living things living characteristics.

E.G. The kettle screamed when it boiling.

Personification Activity (1)


LO: To be able to find the perimeter of rectangles and squares.

Learning video

Perimeter of rectangles 16.11.2020

Friday 13th November 2020

Good Morning,

I think the majority of you are now able to access Google Classroom. Please try your best to complete work where possible on Google classroom. Here is the work for this morning. Today is National Kindness Day. Watch the video below and think about what the message is. Have a lovely day.


Afternoon Work

PSHE: Create a kindness poster in your book.

Creative Learning DT

Creative Learning Project


LO: To solve word problems involving length.

Challenge 1 13.11.2020

Challenge 2 & 3 & Mastery


LO: To be able to identify figurative language and answer questions about a poem.

Watch the video below. Make a list in your book of interesting facts about dragonflies.


Read the poem and answer the questions.

Dragon-Fly-Out-in-the-Sun 13.11.2020

Thursday 12th November 2020

Good Morning 4D & Parents.

I know that some of your logins did not work for google classroom. I will try to get them today. If you are having trouble logging into google classroom work can also be accessed here. You can complete work in your homework book. Put the subject and date on the topΒ  left hand corner in the margin. It would be better if you could try your best to complete work on Google Classroom, as that way I can mark your work and return it to you also :).

Please try to complete as much of the assigned work as you can. Once you try your best I will be very happy. I am very proud of you all and the resilience you have shown already. πŸ™‚

The afternoon work will be put up here at lunch time.

Have a lovely day.

Afternoon work 12.11.2020

Creative Learning: Geography.

LO: To be able to draw and label the structure of a volcano and describe the process of an eruption.

Volcano eruption process

Volcanoes 12.11.2020

Task 1:In your homework book draw and label a cross section of a volcano.

Task 2: Write a paragraph explaining the process of a volcano eruption.

Use the video and the text above to help you with the tasks.


LO: To be able to convert metric units of measurement.

Challenge 1: Task 1

Challenge 2: Task 1 2 3

Challenge 3: Task 1 2 3 & Mastery challenge.

Choose your challenge.

Converting units of measurement 12.11.2020


LO: To be able to use similes and metaphors in my writing.

Similes and metaphors video

Today we are going to write a poem using similes and metaphors for “Happiness”


Happiness is like the warm sun on face

Happiness is coming first in the race.

5th November 2020

Good Evening 4DΒ  & Parents,

I have discussed children’s homework with them, but so you also know these are the instructions πŸ™‚

Maths: Login to Google Classroom- Children had an opportunity to use their logins today in school, they all worked, apart from two children.

Maths homework can be completed directly on the google document and turned in. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE ON PAPER AND THE ONLINE DOC.


Google classroom- follow the instructions on the assignment. This homework does not need to be done by tomorrow. Monday is the date.

Have a lovely evening. πŸ™‚

Children have their Rediwriter logins. This site helps your child learn their spellings through a range of activities.

Welcome back to Autumn 2 at Blessed Dominic πŸ™‚ I hope you have had a happy and restful half – term. We are looking forward to a productive term of learning.

Important information

School Tracksuits: If you have not done so already, you can order the new school tracksuit from our website

Follow the tab : Parents- Uniform – Shop

When the tracksuits arrive children can come to school wearing their tracksuit. They will wear their tracksuit all day (No changing back into uniform)

Google Classroom:

We are now up and running with Google Classroom. I have spoken to the children about how it works. Children will have their login in their diary.

You can follow the link below to login in


We will be doing some of our in class work on here. Also, some homework will be up on this platform for children to use. (I will let your child know in advance when there is homework to complete).

IF OUR BUBBLE NEEDS TO CLOSE (WHICH WE ARE HOPEFUL WILL NOT HAPPEN) Google Classroom is where children will access their online learning. That way, I can mark work and give feed back to children.

As always,

Thank you for your continued support.

A BIG THANK YOU for the kind donations for this year’s Harvest. The charity will be absolutely delighted πŸ™‚

The children enjoyed making Harvest Cards. We discussed all that we are grateful for.



Meet the Year 4 class teachers 2020


Welcome to our class page! Here is where you will find all the latest news about 4D and what we have been learning. You can find your weekly spellings, homework and important dates. Keep checking back to find out more!

Students should be practising their times tables every evening. They will find their log ins in their diaries. As well as times tables, the students should read for at least ten (10) minutes every night (don’t forget to sign their reading records) and practising their spellings. We have our spelling test every Friday.

Key Websites

There are many websites that the children can use to support their learning. The websites children should have log ins for are:


Times Tables Rock Stars

Reading Eggs