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  1. Important documents
  2. Dear children- Home learning message!  (Added 25th March 2020)
  3. Virtual Mass links
  4.  Starline- for parent information and support
  5.  Friday 21st May 2020
  6. Thursday 21st May 2020
  7. Wednesday 20th May 2020
  8. Tuesday 19th May 2020
  9. Monday 18th May 2020
  10. Remote Learning outline from the year 5 team- 22nd March 2020
  11. Additional websites to support home learning (Maths, English reading, English writing)
  12. Children’s blogs for each week during school. This is an ongoing project- not everyone has completed theirs yet.

Important documents

Summer Newsletter- Summer Newsletter

Summer RE Newsletter- RE Newsletter Year 5 summer 2020

Nelson Handwriting Scheme example- Handwriting ‘at a glance’

Online safety website- thinkuknow- https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

My Activity Passport Creative learning homework

Home learning message- 25th March 2020

Dear children,

We are extremely proud of our school community and hope you are all engaging positively with your home learning. Please do not worry about work that is incomplete as all we want you to do is try your best. Remember our school Learning Behaviours! Please look out for explanation of concepts to help with your learning and use the apps/websites you have access to. We miss you all terribly but looking forward to seeing you back in the classroom soon!

Year 5 Team

Virtual Mass

As we are not able to take part in collective worship or attend mass at the moment, TenTen Resources have provided Sunday liturgies and prayers that you can pray with your family. You can gather together as a family and take some time to reflect together.  Follow the links below to access their resources:

Sunday Liturgies

Daily Prayers

Starline- for parent information and support

A national helpline has been set up for parents and carers who may be finding home-schooling and managing child behaviour difficult during the Covid-19 crisis.
Free, confidential advice is available six days a week by phoning the StarLine team on 0330 313 9162. Starline will also be broadcasting a weekly programme on YouTube, sharing practical ideas for home learning.
Further details can be found on the StarLine website www.starline.org.uk or follow @StarLineSupport on Twitter.

Parents and carers, we are confident that you are doing your absolute best adapting to completing your working role, parenting role and now teaching role at home! In these unusual circumstances your child needs your smiles, hugs and positivity so please don’t feel too pressured by the school work- go with the flow and the learning your child takes from the tasks 🙂

Past remote learning

If you have missed any days or want to look back at any previous learning, please click the link below to view all previous posts on our class page.

All Remote Learning

TTRS Battle: Blessed Dominic vs Our Lady of Lourdes

This week we will be competing in a TTRS battle against Our Lady of Lourdes. It’s time to show off your times tables skills and earn points for Blessed Dominic by playing any game daily between 9am-3pm.

🎸🤩 Well done for all your hard work on TTRS – we might not win this time but it is the effort and taking part that is vital so thank you all for trying! We are so proud of how hard working you all are – you are all true Rock Stars to us! Big well done to all who participated 🤩🎸

Friday 22nd May 2020

Another half term has flown by! You’ve worked extremely hard and I am so proud of you all. Enjoy your break next week. The weather has become much nicer so I hope you can find ways to enjoy it. Online learning will be posted again by 9am Monday 1st June. 🙂

Wrapped Gift on Apple iOS 13.3An early ‘Happy Birthday’ to Natnael for 27th May! Birthday Cake on WhatsApp 2.19.352

A couple of you emailed me yesterday to tell me that your Times Table Rock Stars account had been changed without your say-so. If this has also happened to you then please email me today and I can reset your password. Just remember to be careful to look after your password and log out of your account when you’ve finished.

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

White Rose Maths/BBC Bitesize – Challenge Day!

These challenges test your problem-solving skills. Each one gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you and your family can do together. The most suitable questions for Year 5 are 1 to 5. But why don’t you work with your family on the rest of the problems. Do as many as you can! Help each other out.

Make sure you are logging into TTRS. Today is the final day to earn points for our school!

Challenge Sheet                                              Answers

Session 3: English

LO To use appropriate prepositions to describe the location of objects

Session 4:  RE

LO: To be inspired by my beliefs and the behaviour of others

Session 5:  Creative Learning

Creative Learning Art Task

Continue your art project from last week. We’d love to see your work, so if you want, you can send a picture of your art to our class email address at 5b@blesseddominic.barnet.sch.uk​ and we will create a Year 5 gallery for you all to view after half term.

Thursday 21st May 2020

Remember the Bibliobuzz  judging that lots of you wanted to take part in? Well the winner was chosen by our representatives for our school and added to other school’s choices. The overall winner has now been announced! A big thank you to Cathrine, Chloe, Denzel, Ese, Lily, Maks, Michal, Moses, Natnael, Scarlett, Somto and Ranee for taking part and being very critical but fair judges! Want to see who won? Click on the link:

BIBLIOBUZZ 2020: Winners announced!

Fancy meeting the authors online and hearing some extracts of their books? You may find your next favourite read! Check out the blog entries from the hosts- Alexandra Palace.



Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To subtract_mixed number fractions.

Resource 1: BBC Bitesize

Watch the video and read the  learning summary. You do not need to complete the activities.

Resource 2: White Rose Maths Week 5 Lesson 4 

Resource 3: Classroom Secrets          Video Tutorial                         Interactive Game

Your Task: Activity Sheet PDF

Answers: Activity Sheet Answers pdf

Session 3: English Click on the LO for the task

LO To identify the difference between standard and non-standard English

Session 4: Science

Unit Quiz

Try the unit quiz above to see what you’ve remembered from our topic ‘Types of Change’

Session 5: Spanish

Spanish Work

Click the link above to watch the video and complete your tasks set by Ms Heras

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Keep playing TTRS to earn points for our school. Well done to Simon, Chloe, Amelie, Robert, Natnael, Lily and Moses for making it into the top 50 yesterday! We are so proud of all the hard work you are putting into your home learning and times tables! Well done 🙂

The Power Maths textbook you collected yesterday, along with the English books, will be used after half term for your home learning so have a look through them but don’t complete them yet. You’ll recognise that they are similar to tasks you have completed in class before. If you’re wanting to do extra tasks in maths, stick to the CGP Maths book for now.

A polite reminder to any children who I haven’t managed to speak to via phone call: Please try to email me to say hello (email address: 5b@blesseddominic.barnet.sch.uk). A big thank you to your adults in advance as I appreciate your adults are busy with other things but we’re missing your word cloud idea and I want to make sure everyone’s thoughts and feelings are included! 

Thank you to those who have emailed so far 🙂  

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To add mixed number fractions.

Resource 1: BBC Bitesize

Read the learning summary. You do not need to complete the activities.

Resource 2: White Rose Maths Week 5 Lesson 3

Resource 3: Classroom Secrets          Video Tutorial                         Reasoning Practice

Your Task: Activity Sheet PDF

Answers: Activity Sheet Answers pdf

Session 3: English

A Letter from E.B.White

Session 4: RE

LO: To show knowledge and understanding of how belief can influence behaviour

Wednesday Word: 

Wednesday Word booklet

Wednesday Word questions

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Don’t forget to collect your new home learning books. It is important they are collected as your Maths and English tasks after half term will be set from these books. Check the timetable below for when you need to collect your designated time slot.

Tuesday 19th May: 10am-11am                     PARENTS/CARERS of 5B

Surname beginning with… Time slot (15mins)
A – F 10:00am-10:15am
G – L 10:15am-10:30am
M – R 10:30am-10:45am
S – Z 10:45am-11:00am

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To add fractions where the answer is greater than 1.

Resource 1: BBC Bitesize

Watch the two videos and read the information. You do not need to complete the activities.

Resource 2: White Rose Maths Week 5 Lesson 2

Resource 3: Classroom Secrets          Interactive Game 1          

Your Task: Activity Sheet PDF

Answers: Activity Sheet Answers

Keep playing TTRS to earn points for our school. Well done to Simon, Chloe, Amelie, Natnael, Robert and Moses for making it into the top 50 yesterday! I’m so proud of everyone who is taking part- you’re all superstars!!  Sparkles on WhatsApp 2.19.352 Let’s work together to win!

Session 3: English

Tracking Basking Sharks

Session 4: Creative Learning

Try the unit quiz below to see what you’ve remembered from our topic ‘How is the UK changing?’

There’s also a bonus round to see what you remember about our school!

Unit Quiz

Session 5: PSHE- It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the topic is….. ‘Be Kind’

Kindness and Mental Health Week information

30 Day Kindness Challenge

Fancy some positive mindfulness colouring in? Happy at home colouring sheet


Monday 18th May 2020

Polite reminder: Tomorrow- Tuesday 19th May 2020– is your collection day for the new CGP maths and comprehension books and exercise book. Please see below for your collection time. I am unable to be there to see you but another member of staff will be signing the books out to you instead.

Apologies if you are unable to collect your child’s books at the designated time slot. If you email the office they will be able to inform you of alternative collection slots: office@blesseddominic.barnetmail.net

Tuesday 19th May: 10am-11am                     PARENTS/CARERS of 5B

Why does Sunday always beat Monday at arm-wrestling? Because Monday is a weak (week) day!

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To add and subtract fractions.

Resource 1: BBC Bitesize

Watch the two videos and read the information. You do not need to complete the activities.

Resource 2: White Rose Maths Week 5 Lesson 1

Resource 3: Classroom Secrets           Video Tutorial 1         Video Tutorial 2

Resource 4: Classroom Secrets           Interactive Game 1          Interactive Game 2

Resource 5: Practical ideas

Your Task: Activity Sheet PDF

Answers: Activity Sheet Answers

Fancy a challenge or are preparing for 11+ exams? Have a go at some of these problems (optional): 11+ Maths Questions

Session 3: English

Pompeii comprehension task

Session 4: RE

LO: To show knowledge and understanding of how belief can influence behaviour

No spellings this week from us- instead practise fixing your ‘bad habit’ words (the ones you know you always get wrong).

Don’t forget to join the TTRS battle this week!

Hello from the Year 5 Team- remote learning outline. Last updated- 22nd March 2020

Dear Children and Parents/Carers,

As you will know, Blessed Dominic has been forced to close. We would say a huge thank you for your continued support during this unpredictable time and hope to support you as much as we can over this period.

We will update our class pages daily by 9 am with work that the children can complete each day. Children also have access to websites (links below) where other activities shall be set, such as spelling. We will also have a list of links to websites that are offering free access to their materials, such as Twinkl, to help you through this time.

Your home learning guide can be found here: Year 5 Home Learning Pack

It’s important that children remain active during their time at home to stay healthy and positive. Joe Wicks, a fitness instructor, will be holding at home workouts for children daily at 9am on YouTube. Apps, such as GoNoodle, also provide exercise and mindfulness activities for children to keep their body and mind healthy.

Audible have made hundreds of books free during the school closures period. This would be a great way to spend time as a family to relax and get into reading together.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all face to face again very soon!

Year 5 Team



Additional websites to support your ‘Remote learning’

There are many websites that the children can use to support their learning. All children have log-ins for the websites/apps in their diaries and now their remote learning book (purple book). Please use these websites/apps regularly alongside your daily homework.


Readiwriter (spellings) – this uses the same log-in details as Mathletics

Times Tables Rock Stars

Reading Eggs


Spelling Frame

Twinkl has a range of additional activities for you child to complete during the school closure period, please click here for a range of Interactive Learning Links for English.

To access the website’s resources, you may need to create a login. Please visit twinkle.co.uk/offer and enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS to set up your free month of Twinkl Ultimate. The website is regularly used in school to support children’s learning due to its child friendly wording and explanations of new learning.

Extra Maths support:

Classroom Secrets have also provided a range of home learning packs for maths:

Year 5 Home Learning Pack

Year 5 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 5 Practical Ideas

Extra English support: (Twinkl)

KS2 Reading Comprehension: These are separated into Challenge 1 (1 star), Challenge 2 (2 stars) and Challenge 3 (3 stars). Answers are available in each too.

A Hung Parliament Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Armed Forces Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Eid Al Fitr Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Fa Cup Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Fidget Spinners Differentiated Reading Comprehension

Mike Hall Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Pentecost Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Refugee Week Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Rosa Parks Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

The Great Plague Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Ve Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

William Shakespeare Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


KS2 Writing tasks:

Task 1 Advertise Your Town

Task 2 The Ascent

Task 3 Film Review

Task 4 Letter to Your MP

Task 5 Continue the Story

Task 6 The Titanic

Task 7 The Supermarket

Task 8 Classroom Conundrum

Task 9 Ancient Myths

Task 10 A First Visit



Week beginning 16th March 2020

Science day was the most popular day in our school this week.

In English, we have been planning our biography on J.K. Rowling and how she lived for the past 54 years. In R.E we have been working on Lent to Easter and Jesus stories in Lent.

By Milosz and Tyler

Week beginning 2nd March 2020

We spent lots of time learning about books this week and enjoying reading in celebration of World Book Day! On Monday we had a workshop were we retold the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine. On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day by wearing our pyjamas and bringing in our favourite reading books. We swapped stories as well as creating our own tales in groups and acted them out. We then visited our reading buddies for the first time and concluded our day with a Bible story cafe, complete with biscuits and juice! It was a fabulous day full of passionate readers in the classroom.

Week beginning 24th February 2020

Well, what a start to the half term we have had! Tuesday 25th February was an extrememly exciting and unusal day as His Emminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols visited our school. He said a special Mass of Thanksgiving for our new school and blessed us all as a community. The children were extremely well behaved and were active participants in the Mass through the responses and singing. It was very special for all of us and certainly makes this week one to remember!



Week beginning 3rd February 2020

In Year 5B we have been creating persuasive advert in our English lessons. Also in our maths lesson we have been making equivalent fractions and learning to understand them.  Today, February 7 2020, children at Blessed Dominic Primary School have donated 2 pounds each for the NSPCC. We dressed up in clothes that are related to numbers. This is the the first time Blessed Dominic has done number day to help lot of people in need.

REMINDER; Year 5B assembly at Wednesday 12 February at 9am

By Immanuela And Laurel


Week beginning 27th January 2020

In English we have been learning about Harry Potter and continuing writing a letter to Uncle Vernon to let him go to Hogwarts which is a school of witchcraft and wizardry (Harry is a wizard).

In Maths we have been learning about dividing four digits by one digits using the bus stop method.

In creative Learning we were leaning about the Vikings and how they invaded Lindisfarne.The main task in it was if sources were fact or opinion.

By Amelie and Finley.

Week beginning 20th January 2020

In year 5 we are learning in English Harry Potter and we wrote a letter to Uncle Vernon to please go to Hogwarts school and in maths we have done multiplying three digits by two digits.

On Friday we did some science and in science we were seperating mixtures.For RE we did and created a ‘The Feast of the Epiphany bidding prayers’. We also researched how different countries around the world celebrate the Epiphany.We prayed for Australia’s wild bush fires and that dangered animals and people stay safe.

In creative learning, we learned about the Vikings and how they raided Lindisfarne.

By Max and Moses

Week beginning 13th January 2020

This week in English we have learning about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s  Stone.We have done Resilient Reader. In this we have doing comprehension. In Maths we started our new topic Mulplication and Division.We have multiplied four digits by one digit.We do this by showing counters and the formal method.In science,we have started our new topic seperating mixtures. The key words we are learning are dissolving,evaporating, filtering  and sieving.

In R.E we have been learning about the Epiphany. We were understanding the Mass of the Epiphany. We done separate paragraphs about what Epiphany means. Our topic is The Year of the Word and our display says A people of prayer.,

We hope you enjoyed listening about this week.

Bye Cathrine and Simon!,

Week beginning 6th January 2020

Welcome back to a new term! I hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed the Christmas season. A huge thank you from Mrs Popova, Mrs Malouh and myself for all your lovely gifts and cards- we were spoiled by you!

The children came back in very sensibly and showed they were ready to be back with their friends. We heard lots of stories about family parties, shopping trips, Church carol services and Winter Wonderland visits so a good time was had by all!

As we get straight back into the term, please ensure PE kits, medicine, uniform etc is all up to date and in school ASAP. Thank you.

Happy New Year to you all!

Kind regards, Ms Ford

Homework- Maths only this weekend as it’s a bit longer. Don’t look at the answers until you’ve had a go first!!! Area and perimeter- Homework

Week beginning 6th January 2020

We wrote about what we did in the Christmas holidays and did a collective worship on the Epiphany story. In English, we are learning about Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone by J.K. Rowling and are enjoying it so far. We did two lesons on E-safety to learn how to be safe online and we designed posters and songs to raise awarness. We are looking forward to start our new topic in creative learning on Vikings and building on what we learned last year. We are looking forward to next week!

By Andra and Nneka.

Week beginning 25th November 2019

We celebrated this Sunday being the first Sunday of Advent and therefore the beginning of the Church’s new year- The Year of the Word! We thought of our favourite Bible stories and one symbol that portrays the story. We turned these into stained glass windows for our classroom. Can you see them from the outside?

Week beginning 18th November 2019

This week, we were starting our new topic which is ”From Advent To Christmas”.Where we learnt about the ancestors of Jesus.We made baubles with symbols of Jesus and his ancestors.We put them on our Jesse tree on display.In English,we planned and wrote a debate to Mrs Pears about whether  lying is sometimes needed or to always avoid it. On Tuesday was really exciting because we got to imagine and write a story called ”The day I became an adult. This week, we also presented our second projects to everyone. We did drawings,power points,stories,models and many more.

By Daniella & Eseosa.


_______________________________________________________________________________ Week beginning 11th November 2019

This week, we have learnt about rememberance day and we have wrote about it in our school English books.Our new topic in English is going to be about a book called cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce and we have just finished our topic of “One boy’s war”.So our new topic in R.E is “From Advent to Christmas”.We were learning about the liturgical calendar romcal.net/output/2020.htm and we have learnt about which season of the Church year our Birthdays are in by going onto a website.

By Milosz and Tyler.


Week beginning 4th November 2019

We have started forces for our science Topic . A few days ago, we had a trip to Colindale Library on Wednesday 6th November 2019.In Maths, we did lessons about line graphs. For English, we’ve been reading ‘One Boy’s War’,about a boy called Sydney. In Topic, we’ve finished learning about the Anglo -Saxons and how were things used by them. Now,were starting to learn about the ‘Amazing Alps’.

By Natalia and Ranee.

Week beginning 28th October 2019

This week, was the last week for us to read the witches book.We role played the Grand High Witches speech to her fellow witches.In groups of 4 and 6. We also did a science experiement which was to be able to drop a hard object [which was a rock] onto a pitch of sand and then we measured the width of the crater that the rock made.We tested it three times to make sure that our fair test was correct.

We also did some work in Hinduisum and this religon. Also that they had many Gods that they worshiped.And how they prayed to thier favourite gods for protection and sucess in their lives. Also when they were in doubt and we also did the links between worship at mandir and worship at home.We found out that you had to put your shoes of and make a mark on your forehead as a sign of respcet.Before you pray at the shrine [a shrine is a place to pray to the gods].

By Natnael and Denzel.


Homework 18th November 2019

Suffixes –cial and –tial

The -ial suffix means ‘relates to’.

-cial -tial
The -cial suffix usually follows a vowel.  When examining the root word you can see that the e is dropped before adding -ial.


Here are some examples :

• Official (office)

• Facial (face)

• Racial (race)

• Artificial (artifice)

• crucial

The – tial suffix usually follows a consonant.  When examining the root word you can see that the ce is dropped.

Here are some examples:

• essential (essence)

• residential (residence)

• confidential (confidence)

• partial

• nuptial


As with all spelling rules there are always exceptions.


For example:

• initial (the –tial suffix is used after a vowel)

• commercial, financial, provincial (the –cial suffix is used after a consonant

Homework 31st October 2019

Share the below websites with your adult. Discuss what you have learnt about Hindu puja.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zh2hyrd   Puja worship

https://preview.tinyurl.com/pujaworship   Puja worship shrine items

https://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Home-Shrine-(Hinduism)    Home shrine instructions

Could you make a home shrine for Catholicism?


Next lesson: 

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zh734wx    Worship in a temple (SNEAK PREVIEW!)

Parent Consultation Evenings- Autumn term further support

Posted in this section are some useful documents and website links to help your child with their year 5 work and learning. The back pages in the children’s planners are also extremely useful to help them in reading, spelling, writing and maths as well as topics e.g. Space.


The most important way to improve reading is to listen to your child read regularly; vary the material they read and ask questions about what they’ve read.

There are two main areas in reading: decoding and comprehension.

Decoding is reading words accurately and is a skill that most children in year 5 should have mastered. Fluent reading can still be a focus in some sessions, especially if reading new and challenging material e.g. encyclopaedia entries

Comprehension is the main focus of year 5 and 6 and is built through answering questions of varying levels of challenge. For home reading use these question stems to help form your questions and always ensure you are happy with your child’s level of detail- one word answers are rarely enough!

If you’re unsure of how to support your child’s reading at home/how to form questions then please let Ms Ford know and I’ll be happy to practise/demonstrate with you at an opportune moment.

Levelled home readers

When sending reading books home, staff have begun to write in specific targets for you and your child to focus upon when completing your daily reading together. These targets are from the National Curriculum and are suited at Year 5 level (or suited to your child depending on your child’s current levels). Please try and tailor your comment to how your child has performed in this skill area so we can tailor their reading to their needs.

Note regarding ‘level’ reading books- Please do not use the ‘Level’ of reader that your child is on as the sole indicator of their reading performance- sometimes ‘younger’ books will be sent home to help your child improve in a particular comprehension skill.

Please bear in mind that whilst word reading (decoding) might be fluent, comprehension skills tend to be a few levels behind and so books that may appear ‘easier’ to read should be therefore confidently and accurately understood.


Year 1 and 2 spelling list (Your child should be extremely familiar with these words and spell them correctly every time they are used. These are grouped by spelling rule but for an alphabetic list download this set- Year 1 and 2 alphabet)

Year-3-and-4-spelling-list  (your child should be able to spell these words already. Please keep revising if they cannot)

Year 5 and 6 spellings (your child should be learning how to spell these words during this academic year. Keep revising and revisiting these)

Good writers are good readers so to help improve your child’s writing make sure they are reading a varied diet- even books that they do not like- and you are discussing the way authors have presented information or created effects on the readers.

To help with PaG (punctuation and grammar) learning, ‘MC GRAMMAR’ videos can be useful and handy to revise concept- we use some of these in class too https://www.theteachertrain.com/mc-grammar



Children should be using cursive handwriting with correct letter formation. This is proven to help improve spellings and writing flow. https://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/ is a free website that offers resources and videos to help with joined handwriting.


Year 5 maths mainly builds on prior learning so it is vital that children are confident in their number bonds, mental strategies and times tables for solving problems. Practising solving problems regularly using mental strategies wherever possible is vital for success at year 5. Websites like ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Times tables rockstars’ are always available regardless of the ‘homework day’ so please use them.

RUCSAC methods for word questions This is the RUCSAC steps for solving word problems.

http://www.timestables.me.uk/printable-pdf-quiz-generator.htm is a website that generates times tables tests for free

http://www.mental-arithmetic.co.uk/ is a free website that has mental maths worksheets to download and print out for completion. Pay attention to the menu when selecting as you can select different year groups/skills depending on your own child’s needs.


Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Thank you to the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other family members and friends who were able to join us for our poetry assembly today. The children were extremely proud to have showcased their poetry skills and certainly stirred up an enjoyment for poetry and excitement for National Poetry Day.


A big thank you from me and the 5B staff for your help in supporting your children in learning their lines too!

Wednesday 26th September 2019

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend the ‘meet the teacher’ today. I enjoyed meeting you all and am looking forward to working together this year.

If you were unable to attend, below is the powerpoint and information that was shared and I look forward to meeting you at another opportunity.

5B Curriculum Powerpoint

Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 2019-2020