Welcome to 5D!

Class Teacher: Miss M Smart

Support Staff: Ms E Fanea, Mrs M Malouh and Mrs A Sambou

Class email: 5d@blesseddominic.barnet.sch.uk​

5D have been busy at home…

Have a look at the wordcloud to see what you’ve all been up to! The bigger the word; the more people who said it! Can you spot your word?

Email me to add your word if you haven’t already so we can share your thoughts too! 🙂

Remember to keep trying your best – you are all doing great and I am so proud!

Dear children,

We are extremely proud of our school community and hope you are all engaging positively with your home learning. Please do not worry about work that is incomplete as all we want you to do is try your best. Remember our school Learning Behaviours! Please look out for explanation of concepts to help with your learning and use the apps/websites you have access to. We miss you all terribly but looking forward to seeing you back in the classroom soon!

Year 5 Team

Summer Newsletter- Summer Newsletter

Summer RE Newsletter- RE Newsletter Year 5 summer 2020

Black Lives Matter reading room

Sign up to this app that helps keep your child safe online. This app lights up your child’s keyboard as they type and questions them before sending a pattern of letters that might be rude or inappropriate. The app is giving out one million free downloads before August for parents to use as lockdown means more children are on their devices for longer.​


If you have missed any days or want to look back at any previous learning, please click the link below to view all previous posts on our class page.

All Remote Learning

Library resources, competitions and… CHALLENGES!!!

Get involved! The Silly Squad want you to join their reading world online!

You just need to create a log in and then you’ll be able to play games, unlock digital prizes, activities and videos! The more you read, the more you’ll unlock! Use the link below to find out more and join!


Plus there’s a chance to win a new book called ‘Draw with Rob’! Click to see the competition details:

Barnet Library Reading Challenge information and competition

If you want to try some more maths practice questions or think you need more support with a certain topic, White Rose Maths are releasing new books as free kindle resources through Amazon and will be adding extra topics over the next few weeks. If you are interested, ask an adult to help you to download the Kindle App. The books need to be purchased via Amazon but are free to buy. Click here to get access to the books.


It’s your last few days of Year 5 and I want you to know how proud we all are of you! You have worked extremely hard this year, both at home and in school, I’m just sad we couldn’t have the full year together. A big thank you for all of your kind words, cards and gifts – they really have made me smile!

Friday 17th July 2020

Yaaaay! You’ve made it to the end of year 5! We are extremely proud of you and all you have done throughout the year- from September to now. You’ve all made us smile and we hope you have a lovely summer! Can’t wait to see you in September when you’re top of the school!

With all our best wishes,

Year 5 team

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

The Big Quiz

Session 3: English

All challenges: Suffixes, page 84-85

Answers: At the back of the book. Use your green pen to mark your work.

Feel free to complete the remaining unset pages in your books during the summer- keep practising those skills to get you ready for Year 6!

Session 4: Music

Explore the instruments of the Orchestra:

Resource 1: https://listeningadventures.carnegiehall.org/ 

Resource 2: https://pbskids.org/games/music/ 

Thursday 16th July 2020

It’s the second-last day of your year 5 status! I have lots of your homework projects and pieces of art in class, but don’t worry, I’ll keep them safe and give them to you in September 🙂

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To understand timetables.

Session 3: English

Home activity- Goodnight Mr Tom comprehension

Session 4: Creative Learning

Try the quiz: Where does all our stuff come from?

Session 5: Spanish (Get your ingredients ready to make your own paella!)

Paella part 1

Paella part 2

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To convert between units of time. 

Session 3: English

All challenges: Spellings –shus andshul, page 76-77

Answers: At the back of the book. Use your green pen to mark your work.

Session 4: RE

Next year you get the chance to apply to be captain of your House Team! Captains collect the House Points each week and ensure that the scores are counted correctly. Think about your House and its Saint. What do you know about your House Saint? What makes them a Saint?

You completed a task during the year which was to research your House Saint- today have a think about why you are proud to be in your House and what the Saint inspires you to do e.g. how to act, how to approach your work…

Extension: Write a letter of application explaining why you’d like to run for Captain of your House and why you’d be good at this role. (This will be a practise for the real applications in September!)

St James   https://wiki.kidzsearch.com/wiki/James_(son_of_Zebedee)

St Bernadette https://www.catholic.org/saints/fun_facts_arch.php?saint=147

St Margaret Clitherow https://kids.kiddle.co/Margaret_Clitherow

St Anthony https://kids.kiddle.co/Anthony_of_Padua

Wednesday Word:

This week’s Wednesday Word has the next six weeks of Church Gospels and teachings. Keep using the Wednesday Word each Sunday during the holidays through this link.

Wednesday Word Summer Holiday Special

Wednesday Word 15th July 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To understand imperial units of length. 

Session 3: English

All challenges: Spellings, page 96-98 in your original CGP books.

Answers: At the back of the book. Use your green pen to mark your work.

Extension task:

What are your regularly misspelled words? Spend some time practising these and learning their correct spelling.

Session 4: Science

Monday 13th July 2020

Session 1: PE with Joe Wicks

Session 2: Maths

LO: To understand metric units.

Session 3: English


This lesson tests your accuracy in spelling the year 5/6 spelling list. Open this document- Spellings and glance through the words on page 2. Then choose from the 8 activity pages called ‘Spot Mr Whoops’ Mistakes’. Mr Whoops has written a passage of text but spelt 13 words wrong- it’s your job to spot them and correct them for him. Be his teacher! The answers are on the last pages.

Challenge 1: Complete 2 pages. If you also misspell Mr Whoops’ words then spend time learning the correct spelling.

Challenge 2: Complete 3 pages. If you also misspell Mr Whoops’ words then spend time learning the correct spelling.

Challenge 3: Complete 4 pages. If you also misspell Mr Whoops’ words then spend time learning the correct spelling.

Remember- the more words you learn now, the easier year 6’s spelling will become! 

Session 4: R.E

Lesson 1 LO To reflect on bigger questions of my faith

In case of internet problems…

If sometimes the links don’t work for you then do not worry too much. Do a task related to your recent learning in each subject and plan your own activity! Some suggestions are:

Maths- Complete the next activity in your Power Maths book that matches the LO for that day or is following the previous lesson you have completed in your book. You could also complete any activity in your CGP book that you feel you need to work on more or spend 30 mins playing TTRS/Mathletics.

English- Do a section from your *new* white CGP SPAG book or comprehension book.

RE- Write a prayer for someone or yourself. Find a Bible story and retell it in your own words. Look at the parables in Matthew 13 and choose one to explain what it is teaching.

Science- We are going to begin a new topic on ‘Scientists and Inventors’, where you will learn about famous scientists and inventors linked to all the topics you have covered this year. Why not research a famous scientist linked to your favourite topic this year? For example, if you enjoyed learning about Space, you could research Neil deGrasse Tyson’s role in the reclassification of Pluto.

Creative learning- We are learning about where our ‘stuff’ comes from. Find out about Fairtrade food and clothing. These websites may help https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/        https://www.fairtrade.net/about https://www.theschoolrun.com/homework-help/fair-trade 

Have a look at the labels on your clothes and food and use a map to find out where they have been made. How many miles have your clothes and food travelled?

Home Learning – Summer Term Update

Welcome back to home learning!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your families and had lots of fun! We will continue with home learning this week. I know this is a very strange and unusual time but I’m sending a big round of applause to you all for your hard work so far, you should all be very proud of yourselves 👏👏👏 Keep trying your best, be safe and stay positive! I’m missing you lots and am looking forward to seeing you all again soon and hearing about what you have been up to.

Miss Smart 🙂

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling)

J.K. Rowling has launched Harry Potter at Home which is filled with activities like crosswords, word-searches, videos and puzzles. You can also listen to the first book for free: Harry Potter at Home

Dear Children and Parents/Carers,

As you will know, Blessed Dominic has been forced to close. We would say a huge thank you for your continued support during this unpredictable time and hope to support you as much as we can over this period.

We will update our class pages daily by 9 am with work that the children can complete each day. Children also have access to websites (links below) where other activities shall be set, such as spelling. We will also have a list of links to websites that are offering free access to their materials, such as Twinkl, to help you through this time.

Your home learning guide can be found here: Year 5 Home Learning Pack

It’s important that children remain active during their time at home to stay healthy and positive. Joe Wicks, a fitness instructor, will be holding at home workouts for children daily at 9am on YouTube. Apps, such as GoNoodle, also provide exercise and mindfulness activities for children to keep their body and mind healthy.

Audible have made hundreds of books free during the school closures period. This would be a great way to spend time as a family to relax and get into reading together.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all face to face again very soon!

Year 5 Team


As we are not able to take part in collective worship or attend mass at the moment, TenTen Resources have provided Sunday liturgies and prayers that you can pray with your family. You can gather together as a family and take some time to reflect together.  Follow the links below to access their resources:

Sunday Liturgies

Daily Prayers

‘Thank you NHS!’ Competition

Step into the NHS  has asked children to learn about NHS jobs and create a ‘thank you’ to recognise their hard work. More details can be found below on what you need to do and how to enter. There are lots of great prizes to be won too!

NHS Competition Details

Please send your submissions to: 5d@blesseddominic.barnet.sch.uk​

You must include your full name so that I can enter for you! I can’t wait to see your creations – Good luck! 🙂

Starline- for parent information and support

A national helpline has been set up for parents and carers who may be finding home-schooling and managing child behaviour difficult during the Covid-19 crisis.
Free, confidential advice is available six days a week by phoning the StarLine team on 0330 313 9162. Starline will also be broadcasting a weekly programme on YouTube, sharing practical ideas for home learning.
Further details can be found on the StarLine website www.starline.org.uk or follow @StarLineSupport on Twitter.

Parents and carers, we are confident that you are doing your absolute best adapting to completing your working role, parenting role and now teaching role at home! In these unusual circumstances your child needs your smiles, hugs and positivity so please don’t feel too pressured by the school work- go with the flow and the learning your child takes from the tasks 🙂

Further home learning support:

There are many websites that the children can use to support their learning. All children have log-ins for the websites/apps in their diaries. Please use these websites/apps regularly alongside your daily homework.


Readiwriter (spellings) – this uses the same log-in details as Mathletics

Times Tables Rock Stars

Reading Eggs


Spelling Frame

For a further range of resources to support your child’s learning at home, Twinkl is offering a free month of Twinkl Ultimate.

Please visit twinkle.co.uk/offer and enter the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS to set up your free month of Twinkl Ultimate.

Twinkl has a range of additional activities for you child to complete during the school closure period, please click here for a range of Interactive Learning Links.

White Rose Maths have provided top tips for everyday maths at home, please click here to visit their blog.

Classroom Secrets have also provided a range of home learning packs:

Year 5 Home Learning Pack

Year 5 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 5 Practical Ideas

Homework timetable:

Monday: Spellings – spelling rules and patterns to learn (tested on Fridays), as well as, reading and times tables (TTR)

Tuesday: Maths – Mathletics activities that will focus on topics that are covered in class that week, as well as, spellings, reading and times tables (TTR)

Wednesday: R.E. – Wednesday Word, as well as, spellings, reading and times tables (TTR)

Thursday: Science or Creative Learning – usually project based work, as well as, spellings, reading and times tables (TTR)

Friday: English & Maths – SPaG and Reasoning & Problem Solving activities, as well as, reading and times tables (TTR)

Every Wednesday and Friday, I will be sending home a class prayer book to one child. Each child will have the opportunity to contribute a prayer to the book which we will pray together in class.

Our class blog has temporarily moved…

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