Class Teacher:

Miss Padden

Nursery Support Staff:

Miss Keaney, Miss Faria, Miss Bell & Mrs Alencar

Welcome to our class page,

Here you will be able to find information about your child’s learning and  helpful websites to support your child’s learning at home.

Please ensure your child has a bag of spare clothes left at Nursery and that they bring a bottle of water (labelled)

to school with them daily.

School Twitter: @BlessedDomSch

Important websites to support your child’ s learning at home:



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Online Learning Friday 20th November 2020

Communication & Language

Please collect autumn leaves to make an autumn collage, discuss the texture of the leaves and other objects with your child as you carryout this activity.

Remember to take some pictures and upload them onto Tapestry over the weekend.


Read a book with your child today, remember to ask your child lots of questions about the story. You should encourage your child to look at the pictures and tell you what they think could be happening in that part of the story.

If you would like some story ideas, follow the link below to see a range of stories that you can enjoy with your child.

Physical Development

Please follow the link below to take part in children’s yoga for todays daily activity: